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My name is David and I like to make things. Mostly on the web, but sometimes with paper, pens or potatoes.

I live in London, I'm a web developer and I like doing a bit of everything. I work at Last.fm where I enjoy building things used by millions of people every day.

I also like to write about my passions; technology, music, and food, that sort of thing.

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Scrobbling Heatmap Calendar

Created by Martin D., one of my ex-colleagues from Last.fm, this is an amazing visualisation of scrobbling activity by year, month, day of the week and even time of day. They’re manually generated at the moment, with a set for Last.fm staff past and present. The slideshow version is partic… more »

Last.fm Now-Playing information radiator

This is a litte project I started a while back but only finished/cleaned up recently. It’s a simple information radiator that shows you what a Last.fm user is listening to right now. It was designed to let one (or many people) know what’s playing at a glance. I’ve been using it … more »

Leaving Last.fm

8 years of scrobbling, 55,000 tracks and 4 years with the incredible Last.fm team, it’s been a blast, but it’s time to move on and do something new. It’s been a really difficult decision to leave. Last.fm was quite literally a dream job for me and at times a family. I’m pr… more »

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