SXSW Day Two

So i’ve already fallen a day behind on my plan to throw something up here every day.

I just got in on Friday, so my recollection of yesterday is a little hazy.

It turns out we get free breakfast, score! Decided to avoid the geekery and conference stuff a bit and walked down to part of South Congress that a stewardess on our Austin flight recommended to me. Lots of little boutiques, indie stores and thift stores. Pretty cool and very cheap, bought a pretty nifty shirt.

Had some fantastic mexican food at the Rio Grande just round the corner from our hotel, really nice, and so far the only food i’ve not taken food porn pictures of. I’ve been told theres even better mexican restaurants around so i’ll have to check some of those out over the next few days.

Since the weathers been great Frances and I decided to chill out by the pool and maybe go for a swim. The later part of this plan got abandoned pretty quickly as the pool was colder than the english channel. Unfortunately chilling round the pool in austin sunlight, without sunblock, when you’re pale and British means instant burning. So i’m going to have a pink complexion.

In addition to free breakfast, turns out we also get happy hour, 60 minutes of free wine/beer (Delete as applicable). Life is good.

A group of us went out to a Cuban place near 6th, Mojitos all round and some pretty nice food (Photos on flickr). Followed by a lot of drinking, socialising and table football at Buffalo Billiards. Needless to say as a brit with little experience of foosball, I got my ass whooped. Lucky Stuart and Paul stepped up and recovered our nations pride.

Its now 1:30am and presentations start tomorrow, so an early night and breakfast is a priority.