SXSW Day One

Finally arrived in Austin, unpacked, had a shower and feel human again.

Frances and I left hammersmith at the ungodly hour of 5am, this is not a real time, it deosn’t exist for normal people.

Met up with Ben, Fatty and Steve at gatwick for breakfast and got ourselves organised for the 10 hour flight to Houston.

We got stuck there for a few hours due to a delay, but eventually got to austin and to the Hotel.

Austin seems pretty cool, The Hotel is awesome, we overlook the pool which i’ll have to checkout at some point.

So i’ve arived and i’m alive, more tomorrow. (Todays photos)


Watching Lost on live TV is a very very odd concept for me.

The fact i’ve been awake for 24 hours now also means i’ve not really clicked that i’m in Texas. Tomorrow i’ll probably start giggling and skipping.