Recent downtime & upcoming events

Sorry to the (few) people who haven’t been been able to access the site recently. For the past 6 months or so I’ve been hosting this blog on the server at work, so when we switched ISP’s (and thusly IPs) I completely forgot to update my DNS record.

Although it’s handy to host this at work I think it’d be for the best to get some proper hosting. We’ve done quite a lot of internal network reorganising recently, which means availability has been a bit patchy. I’ve been looking at switching to Dreamhost, as they have a pretty nice set of features, but I’m curious if anyone would recomend anything else?

Pub Standards

Tomorrow (Thursday) marks Pub Standards XV, the usual web/booze collision in the middle of London. The sly of you may noticed that the landmark Pub Standards C has been scheduled for March 13, 2014, I think Patrick might be being a little optomistic.


After managing to snag a ticket for Barcamp London 2 I’m really looking forward to it, unfortunately I have no idea what to give a presentation on. Don’t get me wrong, i’m full of ideas (contrary to the evidence of this blog recently), but presenting to a group of geeks, meant as a compliment, who really know their stuff is quite a daunting prospect. I’ve been finding it very hard to decide on a topic I feel authorative on, as i’m still somewhat a jack of all trades, rather than having a specialist subject.

My last ditch plan is a discussion on the dangers of microformats and how a semantic web isn’t all rainbows and kittens, but i’m very open to suggestions for somerthig better.


Future of Web Apps is a two day event in London the week after Barcamp, definately a lot more business-y than any other events i’ve been to. I couldn’t help but get that impression while signing up an being if I was a Designer, Developer, Information Archiatect, MD or Venture Capitalist. Crikey, makes Pub Standards feel like free love and communism.

Still, the line up of speakers is quite interesting and i’m curious to see how it compares to, the seemingly much more grass roots, dconstuct of 2006. And of course, it’s paid for by work, so that’s nice.


Texas! I can’t believe this is so soon, it’s really crept up on me, which you can take to mean I’ve organised nothing for the trip and everything will be done at the last minute, still I can’t wait. It’ll be my first time in the States, or for that matter on a plane, so it will certainly be an interesting experience. Not to mention a week+ off work, now that wil be nice.