New Twitter favouritism

Twitter have been slowly rolling out access to it’s new web interface, to much discussion, arguing and complaining - not to mention recent security issues.

Putting all that to one side the feature of #newtwitter I’m really fond of is showing your most recently favourited tweet.

New Twitter

Favouriting is an underrated feature on Twitter, though it’s slightly at odds with the concept of a Retweet and requires the use of external tools to get the most out of it. It’s not surprising it’s used so infrequently.

Displaying your most recent favourite, gives you an incentive to favourite more. Primarily it reminds you the feature exists and that you’ve used it. The temporal nature of a tweet also reminds you of the time since you last favourited something. That’s good motivation to favourite something new

It’s a minor detail amongst a massive UI overhaul, but I think it’s a clever and subtle way to encourage more use of the feature.