Leaving Lumi - Joining GDS

Anyone following my life by the continuity of this blog alone may be confused by this title.


It’s 2 & half years since my last proper udpate. Coincidentally that’s when I left Last.fm and joined Lumi as one of the founding team.

Diving into a brand new startup is a hugely time consuming experience, it didn’t leave a lot of time for writing.

That said, it’s something I wish I’d written more about it at the time. It was an amazing experience and hopefully I’ll find the time to write about in the future.


The recent news, is that I’ve joined GDS — the Government Digital Service

It’s a team – almost a startup – within Goverment that is tasked with leading the digital transformation of Government.

A totally audacious project. From a tiny team building prototypes, to hundreds of people and projects all across government. Most importantly, it’s changing the way government builds digital services and even the way government itself works.

I’ve been following their work, the team, and I’ve been more impressed by both for a long time.

I’m really excited to be joining the team, to see what I can help them achieve and what I can learn from some world class people.