Announcing: Design it, Build it.

I’ll be speaking at Design it, Build it - A one day web conference on April 28th in Newcastle. It’s aimed at both designs & developers with a separate track of talks for each

Design it, Build it.

I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades most of the time, with my time (and passion) split evenly between frontend and backend. So it’s great to see a conference with such a great mix of topics, definately the kind of thing i’d be attending anyway if I wasn’t speaking.

I’m really pleased to have been invited to speak and even though it’s still a few months away I’m already getting excited. My topic is “ Vs Xbox360”, a look at profiling, optimizing, scaling and launching new features, using the recent Xbox Live app as a working example. I’m a big fan of presentations that include a healthy dose practical examples, I’ve got a “Tales from the trenches” style in mind.

Today’s the last day to get a discounted early-bird ticket. If you want to buy a ticket you can save ~60% by using the code “dibi_hohoho”, but only till the end of the day. I believe they’ve still got some Student tickets available at a reduced rate, get in touch if you’re interested in those.