Batch event importing to

Over christmas I sorted out some old boxes from University and found all the paper ticket stubs for gigs from 2002 to 2005. That’s some meaty data I didn’t want to lose, I copied it to a spreadsheet with plans to import it in to the events system (where I track all my current gig habbits).

Unfortunately the add events workflow is a real pain for adding more than one event at once, let alone the 50 I had. In the future we hope to add better support for adding multiple events, either with a new tool (aimed at promoters) or creating an event.add API method (and let someone else build it), but in the meantime I wanted a quick hack solution to speed things up.

Seeing as I had all my data in CSV already, the simplest approach is to generate URLs that pre-fill the “Add Event” form data and let you skip to the last step. Note; We use one-time form tokens to prevent XSRF attacks, so you can’t just submit the form a script. All the fields can be passed as GET variables to prefill, here are the query param names you’ll need to do this:

"gig" or "festival"
2 digit day, eg 03
2 digit month, eg 11
4 digit year, eg 2002
24 hour time separated by a colon, eg 20:00
The venue id, you can find this in the venue URL
Confusingly this is just event name/title, not festival specific
Multiple artist names, specified as an array, eg artistNames[]=Blur&&;artistNames[]=Radiohead&&;artistNames[]=Pulp

So a complete ex&le looks like:[]=Sparta&startday=04&startmonth=10&startyear=2005&starttime=20:00&venueid=8777858&festivalName=

If you have your events in a structured format then it’s easy to build a quick script to generate these links and really reduce the time needed to add events. Far far from ideal I know (and I’m a bit embarrassed to post it) but it might save you some time. I promise to build event.add to the API soon.